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BTL komunikačná asociácia (BTL Communications Association "BTLka"), a civic society, was founded in summer 2011 with the aim to create a platform for agencies in the field of event management, sales promotion and related BTL activities. The ambition of BTLka is to be a club of players operating on the market with a long-term vision, providing their services professionally and committed to act in line with the BTLka Code of Conduct. In this way, we want to assure quality, fair and responsible approach toward both clients and suppliers.

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BTLka - cast:

Chairman of the Executive Council for the period 2015/2016: Mgr. Milan Kováčik 
Contact: btlka@btlka.sk
Responsible person for International relations and cooperation: Mgr.art. Štefan Kozák
Working Group Certification Criteria, Ethics and Arbitration:
Andrea Skočeková, BRAND ADVERTISING, s.r.o.
Dušan Masaryk, MERTEL, s.r.o.